How to Become a member

Are you a licensed beauty professional in California? Great! Raising the bar for our trades STARTS WITH YOU! 

CAA.dedicated.JPG is a very important part of advancing our future here in California.

It takes a lot to make an impact on a state level and when we act as a collective voice, we are taken seriously.

When we show that we have consumer health and safety as a priority in our businesses, we are taken seriously.

And when we display our dedication to education and our own personal development in our trade to beauty consumers, we are taken seriously.

I believe sincerely that we can make an impact and positive change for Estheticians and other beauty professionals in California, so I hope you join the movement to elevate our trade. --- wendy LE/COE/PMU

Take this course if you are a California licensed beauty professional. This training complies with current guidelines for bloodborne pathogens training under CFR 29 1910.1030, CCR Title 8 Section 5193, and the Safe Body Art Act. After successfully completing this course a certificate of completion can be printed.

People working in our trades are often exposed to blood, lymph and other body fluids as a daily part of our daily trades
and that puts us and our clients at risk for exposure to Hepatitis B and C, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, MRSA, and other bacteria and viruses. 




You don't plan on harming a client. You also don't plan on having a car accident, but you still carry auto insurance. It's a small price to pay. Even the most careful, skilled estheticians have had insurance claims.

The occurrence form liability policy that ASCP/ANP/AHP provides to qualified members covers the member's business for professional liability (client alleges malpractice), general liability (client alleges injury/accident due to member's negligence), and product liability (client alleges reaction to product). The insurer will also defend you if someone sues you alleging your wrongdoing in covered losses; those legal expenses are provided in addition to the policy limits. CAA members receive a discount off their annual policy. Email us for our special CAA member portal!

NEW MEMBERS: email us at for your ASCP/ANP/AHP liability policy discount portal access before you renew your policy!
ASCP = $50 off
ANP or AHP = $20 off.
Start saving and help us make a difference.