Nakedfaces by Pa Lee, Clovis CA

Pa's Strengths: passionate esthetics instructor and K-Beauty specialist.

Pa Lee

Licensed Esthetician, Z89358
BBP Certified, Liability Insurance Confirmed

Of all the beauty trends in the world right now, Korean skincare, known as K-beauty, tops the list.  Korean skincare education and regimen have a very different style from what we are taught here in the US.  Nakedfaces constantly researches and travels to Asia to understand the craze behind K-beauty and it’s astounding results, bringing them back home to you. 

K-beauty as a philosophy is a preventative measure and encouraged from a very young age. As a child, Pa, founder of Nakedfaces, learned from her mother’s knowledge of Hmong herbal medicine and her passion for skin care grew.

Pa is also an Esthetic Educator, guiding our future esthetic professionals into successful completion of their programs and outstanding “pass rate” in licensure.

Are you ready for the K-Beauty challenge?
Let Pa Lee at Nakedfaces be your guide to this unique skin care tradition.

• Korean Skin Care "K-Beauty" specialist
• Milan Institute Professional Esthetics Instructor
• Visual Changes Corrective & Acne Skin Care Line
• Bioelements Skin Care Professional
• Obagi Skin Care Professional
• BLS Certified
• Makeup Specialist for Eve Pearl, Meme Box and more
• Advanced Chemical Peels
• Speed Waxing
• Eyelash Extensions
• Advanced Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin and Anti Aging Skin Analysis