Truth Skin Care Esthetics Clinic, Clovis CA

The beauty business isn't all about fluff & buff. Amongst California's finest skin care professionals, you'll find passionate providers from all walks of life. Meet Michelle:

Michelle Calvarese, Ph.D., L.E.
Founder: Truth Skin Care Esthetics Clinic
President & CEO: dermaTRUTH Skin Care

Michelle's qualifications go far beyond the beauty school esthetic basics of 600 hours. Michelle's experience includes a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University; a master’s degree from West Chester University; and a doctorate from Texas A&M University. In addition to operating Truth Skin Care™, she teaches and is a departmental chairperson full time at California State University, Fresno.

Along with G.E. courses, she teaches Medical Geography, focusing on the distribution and diffusion of disease and comparative health. She has done extensive fieldwork around the world focusing on HIV/AIDS and TB. As a result of her international research, she developed an “on the side research” into a course that examines global approaches to integrative health, wellness and beauty.

If anyone can make your skin look great, it's Michelle Calvarese; the owner and operator of Truth Skin Care™.