Since 2014, we have led the effort to represent licensed estheticians,  promote client health & safety

....and much more.


why california aesthetic alliance?

California Aesthetic Alliance was created to promote and partner California's Licensed Estheticians and Makeup Artists with clients seeking the most qualified professionals in the field and to advocate for beauty professionals as they navigate the complicated state regulations. 

The State of California does not require continuing education past initial training to maintain our Board of Barbering & Cosmetology license.

  • All the best beauty professionals know that technology, ingredients, treatments and trends move a lot faster than state laws and regulations can be re-written and want to show you that California Aesthetic Alliance members provide the most advanced and safest treatments for our clients.

Licensed Estheticians have no representation on the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology.

We aim to change that!

  • How can that be? Well, the BBC Board Members consist of 9 public and industry representatives: 4 cosmetologists specializing in hair and 5 public members from various non-related industries. When issues related to public regulation or changes to our industry are discussed, the perspective of your California Licensed Estheticians isn't always considered as a priority. We need to change this!


Our two-fold mission is to advocate for both the health and safety of our clients and partner these clients with the best, most qualified beauty professionals in the state of California.
— Wendy A. Jacobs, Founder - California Aesthetic Alliance

What We've Achieved

  • Public advocacy and education promoting best practices for the health, safety and well being of all of our clients.

  • Advocate for Licensed Estheticians at Board of Barbering & Cosmetology Quarterly and Stakeholders meetings.
  • Established a positive and collaborative relationship with the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology for California Licensed Estheticians.
  • Work to clarify the BBC Inspection process for our members, demonstrate the proper use of in-scope esthetic devices and products to the BBC Board and ensure cooperation between professionals and inspectors to lessen the already daunting inspection task at hand. 
  • Promote continuing education and best business practices with our Licensed Estheticians, Licensed Permanent Makeup Artists and other beauty professional members.

We work daily to clarify rules and regulations that technology, ingredients and trends move too fast for slow-paced regulations to keep up with.