wendy jacobs
LE/COE/PMU, Founder

curious and driven, wendy leapt into her second career as a california licensed esthetician and initially formed california estheticians • esthetician advocacy on facebook to help other licensed estheticians understand california's unique and sometimes complicated regulations. as the aesthetic industry has experienced amazing advancements in ingredients and technology, wendy's seen the need to educate and advocate for the finest in the aesthetic trades and protect the health and safety of the general public.

oncology esthetics was her first focus, as she's personally seen the need to address the health and safe treatment of survivors of many forms of catastrophic illness, supporting clients as they find their way back to health again.

wendy is a former ad agency production & overseas manufacturing refugee, CASA advocate, and a third generation california native living in north county san diego with a pack of rescues and the best partner anyone could ever be blessed with.

she's not a keyboard warrior; when the need arises, she gets in her car or on the phone and makes it happen.

so, sacramento, here we come.....