contact us at  or call 562-715-7405 for more info!

contact us at or call 562-715-7405 for more info!


OFTEN, CALIFORNIA GETS A BAD REPUTATION for being one of the strictest Beauty Industry states in the nation when it comes to regulation and scope of practice. How could it not when estheticians are working with a rule set that was developed in the 1970’s: after all, ingredients and technology development move faster than statute. 

Wendy Jacobs, founder of California Aesthetic Alliance and California Estheticians • Esthetician Advocacy, helps California Licensed Estheticians and other beauty professionals navigate the misunderstood rules and regulations that oversee our businesses. 

One on-site consult or Compliance & Best Practices Class with your team could save you from multiple, costly fines that will stay with your establishment for 5 years, triggering additional random and follow up inspections.
Our time together will give you peace of mind and confidence in your staff and teammates.

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— wendy a. jacobs, california aesthetic alliance

What we'll learn during a compliance & Best practices class:

  • Learn How Lawmakers and Public Agencies' Policies Affect Beauty Professionals & Our Businesses
  • California Scope of Practice for Beauty Professionals
  • What Services are In/Out of Scope
  • Workers Rights: Are You A Misclassified Employee
  • How Inspections Work
  • How We Can Elevate Our Trade & Make The Future Better

what we'll do during a consult:

  • presentation of COMPliance & best practices educational class (approximately 3 hours of a 6 hour consultation).

  • In-depth, personalized to your business model,  Question & Answer discussions with all principals,  employees and contracted renters.

  • Review of establishment to call out key corrections  and preparing employees and contracted renters and their work spaces for inspection.
  • Review marketing materials and services offered for compliance.
  • Provide support, follow up and touch-base  calls or emails addressing questions that may  arise after the consult, within reason, for principal, employees and contracted renters.
  • Provide principal, employees or contract renters  with up to 3 USB drive(s) with necessary and helpful documents and links to help further prepare you  and  your business.
Great teaching is a combination of connecting with the audience and presenting factual, accurate material. A few funny jokes along the way don’t hurt and keep everyone engaged.

Wendy has the ability to make you laugh, become compliant and fall in love with why you became an esthetician all over again.
This class was not only incredibly valuable to myself as a professional in this field, but most importantly to our IMAGE accounts. I am asked on a daily basis as a Business Development Manager for IMAGE Skincare what is and is not in our scope. This class gave me a clear outline of what services can be performed as an esthetician in the beauty industry.

This class is highly recommended to anyone in our field looking to elevate their business and professionalism.
— Heather Roberts, IMAGE Skincare Orange County Territory Manager & Educator
Wendy Jacobs is wealth of knowledge in all things related to state board. I was very excited when she agreed to come teach my estheticians exactly how to be state board compliant and share everything they need to know about staying within their scope of practice.

What we all received was so much more than that!
She is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, hilarious and definitely knows how to keep her audience completely engaged!

Whether she is teaching classes or offering personal state board compliant consults, when Wendy visits you your fear of state board vanishes and your confidence appears!

I recommend her services highly!
— Dorie Collins, IMAGE Skincare, Central California Territory Manager & Educator